Monday, April 18, 2011

I have been home for several weeks now and am feeling pretty good most of the time. Still tire easy but can now stay awake for the whole day. Starting to help in the kitchen some. I think the family still likes my cooking. At least there are no complaints. Doctor says that I am doing great with recovery - but it is slow in coming - need some patience. Well, it is time to go and start supper, since it takes me a little longer than normal.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

I am HOME! I now only have Dr. appointments every other week at Stanford. They seem very pleased with how I am progressing. Other than being tired and wanting to sleep still I am getting along OK.
It has definately been a while since I have been around the family and all the kids noise and activities of school. I think I will adjust quickly. Well dinner is getting close to ready so I need to go and eat.
Thanks for keeping up with my comings and goings.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Long time no see or write

I made it home for Christmas. It was great to be with the family again even if I did take naps while I was there. We came back to the apartment on Sunday night. Today we had our 1st ITA after my hospital stay of 13 days or so, can't really remember exactly how many. I went in to the hospital because my sugars were out of control and my pain in my back was also sever. After many test and MRI's they found the problem with my back which was doing a nerve block. So I had another back surgery and they fixed another break. They changed my insulin and got the sugars under control. While I was in surgery Julie came to the hospital to rescue me and take me home! This is when I got to go home for Christmas.
Now back to the ITA appointment today. The doctor said things were looking good and I did not have to have any extra potassium and magnesium hung, they did have to do one bag of fluids. Rebecca and Daniel are just getting in to town tonight so it will be great to see them. Rebecca is going to be my new caregiver and is going to help me in the recovery process of getting my strength back and learning to walk with out help. Now I am off to get ready for bed, sorry I could not write more sooner.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Getting lots of "new things" and experiences

Will write about the last week or so........till I tire which is quickly.
I am 100% en grafted with my donor cells. So when you take a blood test from me right now all you see is the grafted donor cells.
They found out what is wrong with the back and the pain. What they first thought was a small pressure fracture turned out to be four. And one of them wasn't so small the vertebra was crushed. Also the head of the spine dept. decided to take over my case so I was set with the best.
They hospitalized me and lots of pain meds till the surgery could take place. So around 5 or so they began to operate and I was done around 9 or so that evening. Two incisions, some kind of cemement, stitches, tape and more pain meds. and I back at home in my hospital bed with a pain pump.
I am now in the apartment. Still hurting some and relying on pain meds. I have to watch carefully when and how I move, sit, or lay.

To tired for any more. Hope you and your families stay well at this joyous season

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 40 and counting

I have soooo much to look forward to. By Thanksgiving I will be allowed to eat a variety of dairy products. Not all mind you but cheese, milk, and most of all ICE cream! It is so funny how the human body and brain work. It goes all the way back to the garden - we get along without something and could care less about it until we are told that it is the "THING" we can not have. Suddenly it becomes the thing we long for, we need it, we want it, and soon we don't appreciate what we do have to the fullest. Seems like history repeats itself on even the most basic things in life.
This week has been going better. We finally have found a way to treat the pain so that I can during most of the day not be focused on my back. It still hurts but as the hospital says...level 1-10 with 10 being the worst is level 2 or so.
Today which is Wed. I only needed two bags of magnesium and we got to leave ITA around 11:30. It is the first time in a long time to eat lunch at the apartment instead of my throne at Stanford. Then I took a 4 hour nap and woke up to a very nice dinner Roger made. He had also done the laundry while I was sleeping. Small miracles never stop happening and for that I am truly grateful.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Day #+35

Fri., Day #+35.. This means it is Day 35 after the transplant. Today I only needed two bags of magnesium and 1 bag of potassium IV. No other fluids were required! The first PA (Physician Assistant) came by and did not make any medication changes and I asked about the spine X-ray and she said it looked OK. Then the main Dr. who sees everyone came by and told me that she had looked at the X-ray and that I do have a small compression fracture L5 and that I also have spinal degeneration of L4 and L5. So I think one may have actually looked at the X-ray and one not? What do you think? So they think I will have this pain for 3-4 months but put me on some medications to help with muscle spasms and pain. She then looked at my face, shoulders, and back and said she will watch the rash that is developing to see if it is the beginning of host/graft disease. Great just what I needed...NOT.

I had Roger take this picture of the area I get to spend most of my time in...hooked to machines. At least the chairs are comfy and the blankets warm. Today they came by and gave me a free hat. All cancer patients need to keep their heads warm not just the ones who are hairless... and of course I got my free juice and graham crackers. Warm blanket, juice, graham crackers and a new hat ...Nap Time! Boy am I spoiled...

Monday, November 08, 2010

The routine keeps going

Mon. - Well it has been a week since I wrote anything...sorry. We are now into the routine and sometimes it seems like there is nothing new to report or if I say what is really going on I am whining. There are always side effects and they change from day to day and the goal is to control them. Everything seems to effect the next thing. Yesterday I slept most of the day. It was a cold rainy day which I am sure helped make me tired.
Wed. - Today was better. I got some pain medication for my back and that has helped greatly! Plus I only needed 2 bags of magnesium and no potassium today. Had an X-ray of my spine today because they think I may have a compression fraction. These medicines drain the body of many things and also can make the bones more fragile. They ask every time about falling for internal bleeding and fractures. I also was way to high on one of the new medicines so they decreased the dose by 200. We shall see what Fri. brings.
As I tell myself to do Keep my eyes on the finish line, when I think I can't take any more look up and the coach will be right there encouraging me and telling me that with him I can finish the race and do it with grace.